Alan G. Carlson | Philip P. Caspers | Timothy A. Lindquist

ADC contacted Phil Caspers to assess a potential case relating to telecommunications infrastructure patents.  Early on, we concluded it was a strong lost profits case, but to get this defendant to pay fair value would require a jury trial.  With that mindset, the Carlson Caspers team of Alan Carlson, Phil Caspers, and Tim Lindquist filed suit, took discovery and prepared the case for trial. (ADC Telecommunications Inc. v. Thomas & Betts Corporation et al.) Following discovery, the team won a sanctions motion resulting in the court striking multiple defenses. Shortly thereafter, in pre-trial proceedings, the team also convinced the Court that our client had a strong case for willful infringement to present to the jury.  On day one of trial, the defendant agreed to a judgment enjoining it from infringing and awarding $30 million in damages to ADC.