As intellectual property attorneys, we understand the ingenuity, persistence, and courage it takes for inventions to see the light of day. In this monthly inventor spotlight, Carlson Caspers’ Diversity & Inclusion Committee celebrates the accomplishments of an inventor who has made an impact on our world.

Heinz Joseph Gerber

Image Courtesy: Smithsonian


How Joseph Gerber, Holocaust Survivor, became an Automation Pioneer

In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah), Carlson Caspers celebrates the achievements of inventor Joseph Gerber. Gerber is best known for developments in engineering design and manufacturing for several different industries. Many consider him the “Thomas Edison of manufacturing” as a pioneer in automation development in skill-intensive industries. He was the named inventor on more than 600 U.S. patents.

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Stephanie Kwolek (1923-2014)

Photo by Michael Branscom


How Ms. Kwolek discovered Kevlar®

In honor of Women’s History month, Carlson Caspers celebrates the achievements of inventor and chemist Stephanie Kwolek. Kwolek is best known for inventing Kevlar®, a synthetic fiber of exceptional strength and stiffness. She is a named inventor on over 15 United States patents relating to her work as a chemist at DuPont.

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Dr. Patricia Bath (1942-2019)


How Dr. Patricia Bath Changed the World of Sight

In honor of Black History month, Carlson Caspers celebrates the achievements of inventor Dr. Patricia Bath in the field of ophthalmology. Dr. Bath held five United States patents directed toward methods and a device using ultrasound and laser energy to remove cataracts. The United States Patent Office has recognized her technology as “help[ing] restore or improve vision to millions of patients worldwide, making it one of the most important developments in the field of ophthalmology.”

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