Effective protection for your intellectual property assets requires more than legal expertise. We must also understand the underlying technical aspects of the industries in which our clients operate.  Over the years, we’ve worked with clients across a wide variety of industries. Some examples of our qualifications are presented below. Contact us for information on our credentials in your specific industry.

Among our attorneys are individuals with undergraduate and graduate degrees in mechanical engineering and physics.  Prior to entering the practice of law, our attorneys worked for major, technically-focused enterprises and governmental organizations, including NASA, the Central Intelligence Agency, and United Space Alliance.  Carlson Caspers lawyers have successfully represented clients in matters covering a broad spectrum of the mechanical and optical arts, including air filtration systems, recreational vehicle design, commercial lawnmowers, retaining wall products, three-dimensional printers, rail car loading systems, vibration analyzers using sigma delta modulators, coal burning facilities, military aircraft components, DLP projection light engines, and projection lenses.  We have represented clients during early product development, through joint ventures and due diligence work, at trial, and on appeal.

Based in the home of some of the most sophisticated medical device companies in the world, we have deep experience with the technology underlying medical device patents—and the business context in which this technology operates. From patent counseling and freedom to operate opinions, to trial wins in district and appellate courts across the country, our attorneys are well-versed in every aspect of medical device patent disputes. Carlson Caspers has successfully represented both plaintiffs and defendants in medical device cases concerning a wide range of devices, including septal occluders, magnetic resonance imaging machines, and pacemakers. We have negotiated multi-million dollar settlements in favor of our clients and secured a $20+ million trial victory on a device involving cardiovascular stent manufacturing technology.

For nearly two decades we have successfully represented the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. From opinion work to contested PTO proceedings to trial and appeal, we have helped our clients bring dozens of products to market. We have handled cases for all types of therapeutic areas, including anticancer, antipsychotic, analgesic, dyslipidemia, gastrointestinal, and hypnotic agents. Similarly, we handled all types of formulations, including inhalation, injectable, intravaginal, oral, subcutaneous, and topical dosage forms. Not only have we represented companies challenging their competitors’ patents, we have also enforced our clients’ patent rights in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors.

In support of this focus, we have assembled a team of lawyers with educational backgrounds and substantive experience relevant to the life sciences industry. Our lawyers have degrees in pharmacy, chemistry, genetics, molecular biology, microbiology, chemical engineering, physics and more. Before entering the practice of law, some of our lawyers worked on research teams investigating topics such as retroviral vectors and gene therapies related to HIV transmission and treatment, the function and regulation of ion channels related to hypertension and cystic fibrosis, and the treatment of atrial fibrillation. Others worked as practicing pharmacists, health benefits and formulary consultants.

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Many of our attorneys have undergraduate and graduate degrees in chemistry, chemical engineering, and physics.  They have been involved in research and development for Fortune 500 companies in areas such as adhesives, photopolymerization kinetics, polymers, and nanotechnology.  Carlson Caspers has leveraged this expertise in the representation of numerous chemical and manufacturing companies in all aspects of intellectual property protection, defense, enforcement, licensing, and technology transfer.

With attorneys having degrees in computer science and engineering, Carlson Caspers has handled matters involving complex algorithms, user interfaces, open-source code, and financial services and wireless software.  Our firm has successfully navigated the ever changing waters of intellectual property rights associated with software and related systems.

Our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in the telecommunications and wireless industries.  Carlson Caspers has successfully navigated clients through licensing, portfolio transactions, and patent disputes across many communications technologies including advanced wireless protocols (e.g., LTE, WiMAX, WiFi, and Bluetooth), telecommunications infrastructure equipment, base station and antenna design, commercial band and public safety band antenna systems, distributed antenna systems, digital signal processing, fiber optic connectivity and routing, fiber distribution systems, and hybrid-fiber coax signal distribution systems.  We’ve also developed winning patent strategies for wireless handset technologies including semiconductors, analog-to-digital converters, optical films, and micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS).