We are engaged in numerous organizations and activities focused on diversity in legal communities, such as Twin Cities Diversity in Practice, Affinity Bar Associations, and various legal assistance programs. We encourage and support organizations that promote diversity in the legal profession, particularly efforts to improve the representation of diverse lawyers in the field of intellectual property law.

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Carlson Caspers is a supporter of the Twin Cities Diversity in Practice (TCDIP) organization. TCDIP is a nonprofit association comprised of the leading Twin-Cities legal employers with the vision to create a vibrant and inclusive legal community and mission to strengthen the efforts of member organizations to attract, recruit, advance, and retain attorneys of color.

  • Carlson Caspers has offered a TCDIP 1L clerkship since 2021, collaborating with Cargill, and more recently Abbott.


The firm participates in the following Affinity Bar Associations and other organizations that are committed to building connections with people from varying backgrounds and interests.

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“As lawyers, we must relentlessly pursue equal justice under law. That bedrock principle requires each one of us to remain keenly focused on diversity and inclusion in all parts of our justice system. I am grateful to be a part of a profession – and a greater community – that is so deeply committed to ensuring that all humans are treated with dignity, respect, and equality.”

Tara C. Norgard, Carlson Caspers partner and co-chair of the firm’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee