Joseph W. Winkels | J. Derek Vandenburgh | Tara C. Norgard | Shelleaha L. Jonas | Megan E. Christner | Peter M. Kohlhepp

Carlson Caspers secured a key series of wins for Teleflex in a set of 17 inter partes review challenges filed by rival medical device maker Medtronic. Medtronic challenged seven Teleflex patents related to the GuideLiner guide extension catheter technology. Guide extension technology may be used with catheters when stents, balloons, and other specialty devices are medically necessary.

Following trials, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) found claims of each of the seven Teleflex patents to be valid. In doing so, the Board found that Teleflex had successfully antedated Medtronic’s lead reference and credited the strong objective evidence of non-obviousness, providing rare wins for a patent owner on both issues. Teleflex is asserting these patents against Medtronic in district court litigation, alleging infringement by the Medtronic telescope guide extension catheters. Carlson Caspers also represents Teleflex in the district court litigation.