Both Braintree Labs and Novel Labs Petition for the Federal Circuit En Banc Rehearing

We discussed Braintree Labs v. Novel Labs in a previous post.  In the panel decision, Judge Prost, with Judge Dyk joining, found the term “a patient” in Braintree’s Suprep colon cleanser patent to mean a general class of persons, i.e., a patient population.  Accordingly, the panel vacated and remanded the infringement ruling relying on erroneous […]

Good news for companies patenting self-replicating technology?

While predicting a Supreme Court decision is never a safe bet, the oral argument in Bowman v. Monsanto suggests that the result will be welcome news for companies patenting self-replicating technology (like the biotechnology industry). On Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard oral argument on Bowman v. Monsanto, which we told you about on February 12. The […]