Dennis C. Bremer | Alan G. Carlson | J. Derek Vandenburgh | Joseph W. Winkels

Carlson Caspers scores $30 million in damages for retaining wall block manufacturer.
With over 50 licensees in 21 countries, Anchor Wall Systems’s retaining wall blocks are everywhere. With such an established licensing regime, Anchor Wall assumed an infringing manufacturer would likewise agree to take a license. When the manufacturer argued the patents were invalid and refused to pay for a license, Anchor Wall stood strong and retained Carlson Caspers.

After more than a decade of litigation, the case finally went to trial. The jury found against the infringer on four separate accounts of infringement, and confirmed the validity of the Anchor Wall patents. The verdict translated into a $30 million damages recovery for our client.

Alan G. Carlson, Dennis C. Bremer, and Joseph W. Winkels led the Carlson Caspers team responsible for the winning verdict.